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1. PLA (polylactic acid) is a prominent biodegradable biopolymer currently made from mainly from corn. A company, imaginatively called Notpla, produces something other than PLA - obviously - as a biodegradable plastic alternative. What's Notpla's raw material?

2. Which of the following plants is used as a raw material along with sand, lime etc. to make a prominent low-carbon, resilient construction material?

3. Arkema is a prominent French firm well known for its high performance materials. Which agricultural crop's product does Arkema mainly use as a raw material for its polyamide (nylon) products?

4. Solvay, a prominent Belgian materials & chemicals company, recently came up with a bio-based, circular alternative ingredient for the global tire manufacturers that could reduce the carbon footprint of tires. What product or ingredient is it?

5. Braskem is a prominent Brazilian petrochemical firm that has been at the forefront of bioplastics production. It recently announced that it was planning investments to make a specific type of bioplastic in the United States from bio-ethanol. What bioplastic?

6. Which of the following statements is correct?

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