Low Carbon Mobility

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1. According to a recent IEA estimate, approximately what percentage of cars sold in top markets will be electric in 2030?

2. What sort of vehicles does the company Hyzon Motors specialize in?

3. According to some recent estimates (done around Sep 2022), approximately what % of three wheeler sales in India were electric?

4. How many tons of oil does the world use every year (in billion tons)

5. One Delhi-NYC-Delhi flight emits so much CO2 emissions PER PASSENGER that is equivalent to the emissions from running a 1 ton AC daily for 8 hours for how many long?

6. Which unique type of low carbon transport company did Sandith Thandasherry found?

7. Sun Mobility was founded by Chetan Maini. Which prominent startup had he founded before this?

8. What percentage of electric bicycles was sold in China in 2019?

9. By how much has aviation fuel efficiency improved since 1960?

10. BluSmart, the electric cab hailing service was founded by the Jaggi brothers, Puneet & Anmol. They were known in the market for a company they had earlier founded - which they still operate. That company is known by what name?

11. Which of the following companies was co-founded by Lyndon Rive, Elon Musk’s cousin brother?

12. What would be the ratio of weight of the battery to that of a Boeing 777 without batteries if the aircraft were to fly transcontinental only using batteries?

13. What percentage of the world’s goods are transported by sea?

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