Waste Management

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1. The US generated about 300 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2018. How much construction & demolition waste did it generate in that year?

2. In steel production, by what percentage can CO2 emissions reduced (CO2 per Kg of steel produced) by using steel scrap instead of virgin iron ore as the starting material?

3. Biochar that is derived from biomass under controlled heating has many useful properties and can be used to make many things. One of its uses is as a soil nutrient. Which of the following is another prominent use of biochar?

4. What’s interesting about the petroplastic material PBAT?

5. How many abandoned mines are there worldwide?

6. Many companies worldwide (and in India) are converting food waste to proteins be having insects consume the food waste and using the insects in turn as a source of proteins. Which is one of the prominent insects being used for this?

7. What is the (global) average amount of food wasted by each of us every year?

8. How much energy can all of India’s landfill waste produce, in GW?

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