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1. While hydrogen is touted as the swiss army knife of a future low carbon world, recent research has indicated that even green hydrogen could potentially result in higher global warming. How is this possible, according to the research?

2. The US company Plug Power uses what type of green energy to power its electrolyzers to make green hydrogen in its Rochester, New York plant?

3. The US hydrogen tax credits — unveiled in last year’s Inflation Reduction Act — would pay producers up to how much through tax credits per kilogram of green H2?

4. The cost of Li-ion battery (packs) is about $200/kWh mid 2022. How much was it a decade ago?

5. Which of the following is a firm (24x7) source of renewable energy?

6. Which of the following concepts is the storage company Energy Vault using?

7. Which of the following is not a phase change material in the context of energy storage?

8. For how long can compressed air storage store energy?

9. Metal air batteries have energy densities. But what is their main drawback in the context of their use in mobility?

10. Which of the Li-ion chemistries is supposed to be most suited for fast charging?

11. While electrolysis is one way to generate hydrogen from renewable sources, the other is hydrogen production from biomass. Which of the following pathways represents a viable one for hydrogen from biomass?

12. Pumped hydro storage is hardly spoken about. But there’s a significant amount worldwide. How much?

13. For a round trip (charge-discharge cycle), a lead acid battery can lose up to 25% of energy. How much is the round trip energy loss for a Li-ion battery?

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