Decarbonizing Industries

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1. The California based startup Brimstone plans to make cement low carbon. What is its concept?

2. According to PwC’s “State of Climate Tech 2021” report, climate tech accounts for how many cents of every venture capital dollar?

3. According to estimates of MAN Energy Solutions, a German multinational company, roughly 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas are flared yearly worldwide. What is the CO2 equivalent emissions for this amount of flaring?

4. Which of the following sectors is responsible for a third of direct industrial emissions in India?

5. What does the Poseidon Framework got to do with the shipping sector decarbonization?

6. Based on 2020 data, India had the one of highest electricity contributions from coal (70%). Which was the only country ahead of India on this rather unenviable index?

7. Indian steel production carbon footprint is about 2 Kg of CO2/Kg of steel. If recycled steel is used, this comes down by what %?

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