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1. What product, that has the potential to decrease energy consumption by buildings, did the Singapore-based company YES World launch recently?

2. Data centers worldwide consume about 250 TWh of electricity per year. Approximately what proportion of global electricity demand does this represent? (as of 2022)

3. In 1984, when the Internet was being used just by a few nerds worldwide, the global Internet traffic for the entire population was about 15 GB. What was the number in 2014 PER PERSON?

4. Approximately how many heat pumps were estimated to be sold in Europe in 2022?

5. The city of Stuttgart, Germany, in an effort to reduce residential CO2 emissions, recently came up with a financial incentive program in which it pays a premium amount to any household that does this. Does what?

6. As of 2021, four of the top 5 energy consuming countries in the world - measured by the consumption of primary energy which includes all types of energy - were China, USA, India and Russia. Which was the fifth?

7. Turkey recently has come up with guidelines for building energy efficiency. Among the regulations, this has to increase from 5 to 8 cms in Istanbul and from 6 to 9 cms in Ankara. What has to increase?

8. By what percentage can digital tools and technologies cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, according to IEA?

9. End of 2021, about 13% of India's households had an air conditioner. What is the expected % by end of 2040?

10. Which of the following CANNOT be used as a refrigerant?

11. How efficient are the best of today’s commercially available electric motors?

12. What are the typical efficiencies of coal based thermal power plants?

13. Which of the following is NOT a tech that can be used for waste heat recovery in industrial settings?

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