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1. Why do livestock burps & belches emit CH4 while those of humans (and many other animals) don't?

2. CO2, the most prominent greenhouse gas, lingers in the atmosphere for over a hundred years. How long, approximately, does the second most prominent GHG, methane, stay in the atmosphere?

3. Approximately what percentage of global GHG emissions (in CO2 equivalents) come from livestock?

4. The city of New York recently approved an ambitious climate action plan that aims to get the city to Net Zero by 2050. One of the targets is to have 1 to 2 million homes installed with this low carbon technology by 2030. What?

5. What is the concentration of CO2 in power plant emissions (% by volume)?

6. What is the concentration of CO2 (by volume) in typical vehicle exhausts?

7. Which prominent finance industry personality said a few months back that the next 1000 unicorns could be climate tech startups?

8. What % of CO2 emitted since 1850 still remains in the atmosphere?

9. We emit about 35 billion tons (35000 million tons) of CO2 every year. How much CO2 was emitted in 1800 (approximately)?

10. On earth, the CO2 levels our atmosphere are about 420 parts per million. How much is it on Mars?

11. Higher CO2 concentrations in atmosphere can be beneficial to the growth of some plants. By how much could be yield increase with sufficient increase in atmospheric CO2 levels?

12. What is the approximate concentration of CO2 (by volume) in human breath?

13. In terms of CO2 utilization, currently the largest use of CO2 is for what?

14. For a single occupant mid sized family car, what % of it is useful payload, assuming a single human of 75 Kg weight drives with little baggage?

15. Based on 2017 data, an average American consumes about how many times the electricity as an average citizen of Guinea Bissau?

16. The atmosphere contains about 850 billion tons of CO2; about 550 billion tons are stored in plants: about 2500 billion tons are stored in soils (with 1500 billion tons of that in permafrost alone. How much CO2 is stored in the ocean ecosystem?

17. A 2020 PWC report inferred that while the transport sector was responsible for only about 16% of global carbon emissions, electric mobility was getting a much higher share of venture investments. What was the share?

18. By what percentage can cutting off video decrease carbon footprint during video conference meetings?

19. According to IPCC, how much CO2 needs to be sucked out of the atmosphere for the world to reach 1.5 deg C above pre-industrial by 2100? The range, depending on multiple scenarios?

20. This finance firm announced based on an audit that the carbon footprint of its portfolio companies in 2020 was 330 million tons. Which?

21. What’s the key difference between carbon credits and carbon offsets?

22. This company turns biomass into oil and pours it down the earth, and it got venture funded for this. What is its name?

23. Which is the world’s highest valued climate tech startup, as of mid 2022?

24. Which of the following industrial operations has “process” CO2 emissions, that is, CO2 emissions owing to the chemical process and not from the fuel used?

25. How much CO2 does the world’s largest coal based thermal power plant generate per annum? (approx)

26. Indian coal is of poor quality and has a calorific value not much higher than that for biomass. What is the range of CV for Indian coal, in KCal/Kg?

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