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According to a recent IEA estimate, approximately what percentage of cars sold in top markets will be electric in 2030?


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According to Fatih Birol, Director General of IEA, every second car sold in China, Europe, and the United States in 2030 will be an electric car.

In 2022, about 10.5 million electric cars were sold globally (8 million fully battery electric cars and about 2.5 million hybrids). The total number of cars sold in 2022 were approx 75 million - so currently, one out of 7 cars sold globally is electric, and if the above estimates fructify, we are looking at a dramatic five fold jump in electric car sales over the next 7 years! 

Mr Musk - your position in the top 3 richest in the world is assured for quite a while, it appears.