PLA (polylactic acid) is a prominent biodegradable biopolymer currently made from mainly from corn. A company, imaginatively called Notpla, produces something other than PLA - obviously - as a biodegradable plastic alternative. What's Notpla's raw material?


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The company produces food container coating, paper, films, bubbles and more with seaweed as a key raw material. Interestingly, the company's name was not a positioning against PLA (though that too is true with its current portfolio) but was meant to mean NOT PLAstic!

Seaweed is a feedstock that is becoming increasingly prominent as a starting point for a variety of products, many of which can aid in climate action. While this is an example of seaweed providing a substitute for plastics/packaging materials, seaweeds are also being employed as a starting point for an all together different climate remediation product - as a food ingredient for cattle feed. Check out this question if you are really curious to know more on this! 

And there is an even more exciting - and should I also say daring - experiment in which large amounts of kelp (brown seaweeds) are grown in oceans (called kelp forests) to capture CO2 and then sunk to the bottom. Sounds crazy? Check out this startup