Arkema is a prominent French firm well known for its high performance materials. Which agricultural crop's product does Arkema mainly use as a raw material for its polyamide (nylon) products?


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Castor beans

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Here's Arkema's inputs on its use of this versatile oil

Castor oil is one of the most versatile - and least appreciated - vegetable oils. It is used as a raw material/ingredient in detergents, surfactants, greases, lubricants (that's how you get the Castrol brand), ppaints & pigments, polymers such as polyamide (nylon) & polyurethane, as a carrier oil in pharmaceuticals, in deodorants and fragrances.

In addition, the castor crop that grows in marginal lands and requires less inputs and maintenance - you can even see it growing on the sides of railway tracks and highways without a shred of maintenance!

Wow! And all we remember about castor oil is that it can taste like hell, and that is sort of useful if we suffer from constipation!