Braskem is a prominent Brazilian petrochemical firm that has been at the forefront of bioplastics production. It recently announced that it was planning investments to make a specific type of bioplastic in the United States from bio-ethanol. What bioplastic?


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The project would use Braskem’s proprietary technology that converts bio-ethanol into bio-based PP. According to the company, it would be the world’s first plant producing bio-based polypropylene on an industrial scale.

Polypropylene is one of the most prominent plastics worldwide, finding applications in packaging, machinery parts and even in textiles. It is the second most produced plastics globally after polyethylene - 75 million tons and about 95 million tons respectively in 2022, out of a total plastic production of about 375 million tons.

Braskem’s bio-based PP would be a drop-in solution that has the same technical properties and recyclability as the conventional PP that Braskem produces today from crude oil. The drop in nature of the product can tip the scales in its favour - as it would for any low carbon solution that endeavours to replace a fossil based solution. One thing that we wonderful humans hate is to make changes to our lifestyle - even if it costs the earth!